Auto Sprinkler System

Normally an wet pipe automatic fire sprinkler system, is fully charged with water coming from a known reliable water supply. The installation is pressurized with the alarm valve secured in the open position. When a fire sprinkler is exposed for a sufficient time to a temperature at or above the temperature rating of the heat sensitive element (glass bulb or fusible link) it releases, allowing water to flow from only the affected sprinkler. Additional fire sprinklers may also operate if they too are exposed to sufficient heat.

When this occurs water from the water supply will pass through the alarm valve to the affected fire sprinkler and also past the alarm bell. The resultant pressure drop will also activate the alarm pressure switch, which in turn will activate an alarm calling the fire brigade.

A flow switch will also operate in the affected section of the fire sprinkler system, indicating the location of the water flow. (In the case of a multi-storey building there is typically one flow switch per floor). The flow switch will indicate its location a fire indicator panel (but may not call the fire brigade).

The water supply may be isolated (stopping the flow of water to the affected fire sprinklers) by closing the stop valve.

Wet Alarm Valves

Available in sizes 80mm upto 200mm
Flanged or grooved connections
Pre trimmed to FM or LPCB Specification
Alarm gongs
Optional retard chamber
Brand:- Firex/Rapidrop, Origin:- UAE